Naturopathy Treatment Plans

Anyone and everyone is welcome to try naturopathy! It is empowering what a little support and encouragement based knowledge can do in your journey towards a more fulfilling and healthier life!

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Naturopathy Modalities

Alena, certified naturopath, utilizes the practices of RBTH pH testing, Applied Kinesiology, Bach Flower emotional healing techniques and Nutritional and Herbal Supplementation in addition to focusing on healthy lifestyle actions to achieve the health goals of the client.

RBTH pH testing (Biological Theory of Ionization) is a technique first developed in the early 1970s by one Carrey A. Reems. Starting his career in agriculture, he was fascinated with the chemistry of pH in the soil dramatically affects the health of the plants grown in it. This lead him down a path of many years of study and ultimately devoting his life to the study of how pH affects humans in much the same way: i.e., when one’s internal chemistry is in line, the body is less likely to contract disease and more likely to thrive. Since then, the alternative health community has continued this hypothesis, leading to the modality it is today. RBTH testing includes the study of urine and saliva to address this internal observance.

Applied Kinesiology is the study of the relationship of muscle strength to health. Often this practice is utilized by both Chiropractors and alternative medicine practitioners alike as a tool to identify areas needing assistance within the body.

Bach Flower emotional healing is the study of the emotions effect on the body and how homeopathic remedies made from various flowers and plants can aid in the healing process. Alena will often include techniques from Neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf to contribute to the brain and emotion-based healing.

Nutritional Health
Counseling Plans

Lauren McCrary, RN will be your guide through nutritional health counseling. You can expect to receive lifestyle and nutritional modifications based on your needs. Your program will be specific to your needs. In many instances stress and sleep issues need to be addressed before moving onto nutrition and exercise.

A lifestyle change
to promote your health and wellbeing.

Lauren helps with stress, anxiety, exercise, and nutrition. She has helped with specific needs such as migraines, gut health, bloating, and decreasing everyday toxins.
Guided workouts will be provided in numerous forms. The program will be tailored to you.

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